Those Were The Days.


Those were the days..
When it rained
You ran out..
And danced in the rain.

Those were the days
When it rained
You saw little rivulets.
And some fish swam in..

Those were the days,
When little paper boats,
Floated away gracefully,
As you watched wistfully..

Those were the days,
When it rained,
Frogs croaked beside the window,
Looking for their umbrellas..

Now when it rains,
The world is washed afresh
But the web of thoughts within
Remain untouched with it all …

So does life fritter away ,

Drop by drop, drop by drop,

Pitter patter, pitter patter,

Like those little rain drops.

  Sapna Deb


The Solitary Bubble

I rose up into the world,
And smiled at the beauty around,
When I looked into myself,
I fell in love with ‘ME ‘.

Round, fine and glowing,
I gently floated along,
Enclosing a rainbow in my bosom,
How breathtaking was ‘I ‘.

The small ones around so silly,
I gazed down at them in pity,
How lowly and ugly are you,
And ‘I’ so very pretty.

‘MOVE AWAY ‘ I cried in alarm,
When they floated too near,
Eager to imbibe my greatness,
I swam away in fear.

They embraced me tightly,
Until we all became one,
The next moment a ‘ burst’ was heard,
And I dissolved into ONENESS forever.



He came bent with folded hands,
Oh Doctor, do help me,
In deep trouble did I land,
I will pay more than your fee!

It’s my dear little wife,
She is so tired and weak,
The love of my life,
It’s her health that I seek.

He took my hand in his,
And implored with tear laden eyes,
It is she for whom I live,
‘Heal her please’ he sighs.

‘Bring her in’, I say,
‘I will try my best.
Give her your care,
Let God do the rest.’

He brought her in his arms,
She old, wrinkled and small,
Had lost one eye and ear,
But a shy smile shone bright.

So deeply touched was I,
At this wondrous sight of love,
Love is not in waves of passion,
It’s in the divine recesses of the soul.

Little Krishna

Little Krishna

He was cute and naughty,
Played pranks a plenty,
Gelled with friends heartily,
Enjoyed life immensely.

Stealing the potted butter,
He shared it happily,
Smiled away the rebukes,
And fought with faith bravely.

Live life like me,
Do help those in need,
Love, play and live,
And be naughty too.

Laugh away your worries,
As you flow along life,
Savour , enrich and share ,
the butter of wisdom gained!