Millions of years ago, we dwelled as whole souls in the lofty kingdom of the Creator. Absolute stillness, ever new joy, unconditional pure love, ultimate bliss and magnificent brilliance were its hallmark. Each soul was complete and perfect in all ways. This state of absolute bliss was like being in ‘Paradise’.
The former was unequivocal in all of the souls there. It was easy being in absolute bliss when the environment itself is so pervaded with peace and joy. But was it possible when the situations and environment was in contrast?  Was it possible for the souls to hold on to their true nature of bliss, joy and love in formidable, unpleasant and trying circumstances?
What strength could they achieve and fathom if they were not put through appropriate tests?
Did not the hardest steel pass through the most gruesome fire?
In a severe pain filled predestined moment, each soul was slashed into two, male and female part. {Twin selves are male and female parts of the same whole soul.} The grief of losing the most precious and revered part of oneself forever was so intense and incapacitating that they were completely lost. To add to it, was their deep fall from Paradise into the illusionary world of repeated births and deaths. Overcome with grief, they looked around to find some other souls around so slashed. {This group was known as twin souls, souls who travel through every birth together, disguised as friends, mates, and relatives}.
Soon these souls dressed in new flesh bodies, dawned into the world crying, looking and searching forever for that part of themselves they had lost. The search led them in and out of situations and relationships forming new karma all the way and atoning thereafter, till they got completely entangled in the maze of their own making. As time passed, they forgot their true nature and fell off so away from ‘home’ that even faint memories of the ‘blissful times’ seemed to be melting away.
In their times of distress, they were helped unexpectedly by a few, their twin souls, who reminded them of the lessons of love, care, encouragement and bliss. They rekindled an old memory, a distinct reconnect with the past and afforded a fleeting glimpse of Paradise.
Such moments were the ‘MOMENTS IN PARADISE’ for them.
The formidable search for the twin self continued though. The mirror image of their own self; each held a faint memory of them in their souls and searched in vain. Fumbling and faltering, some fell so deep down into the cycle that all memory was lost.       
But not all met the same fate. Those who held on to the love and bliss, forgave and forgot and worked in accordance to their original nature even in trying circumstances, found ‘spiritual advancement’ to a degree that they were rewarded by the appearance of their ‘twin self’ in their lives. This was not only the most rewarding moment but the most formidable one too. The union required a complete dissolution of the ego and complete annihilation of the vices of anger, greed, feelings of revenge and holding on to hurts within.
Some failed miserably becoming fallen angels in the process. They lost their other halves again to meet them in later births when they were ‘worthy’ of the ultimate union. These souls could never forget their lost ones and though they went their separate ways, they carried the melancholy within. Such souls could do well to remember that their union can never be broken. They might remain away from each other but they always remain united to each other with a cord which defies distance and time.
Those who succeeded in holding on despite the inevitable storms were blessed with the highest reward. They found absolute bliss, joy and complete fulfillment. Their yearning of eons was fulfilled. They had finally come ‘HOME’.
These beings won the race for humanity.  They became the torchbearers for the world, showing and guiding the lesser among souls to their ultimate destiny, back to the world they had come from, their ultimate home, the dwelling of the CREATOR.