Roasted Fish Chutney

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It was another outreach camp day. The health centre stood at a place where the river made a U turn. We watched the glistening sands from above as the health centre stood on a hill. The river flowed tranquill below.

There are times when one just mends with the surroundings and becomes deeply still and silent within. I had to be shaken out of my reverie.
Once we finished our routine work; packing was started hurriedly. We wanted to reach home before night fall.

It was then that we were invited for Fishing!
“Fishing! I have never done that in my life.” I blurted out.
“Wonderful! So You can start today, Madam. The fish here are abundant and delicious.” The Doctor of the centre added enthusiastically.

Somehow I did not quite share his enthusiasm.
“Ok, lets have lunch first.” He said.
Well, that was too inviting a proposal to resist.

Varieties of fish dishes were in the lunch spread. The particular one made with roasted fresh fish and ground to a CHUTNEY was wonderful.

Small fresh fish..250 gm
Green chillies.6 _7
Garlic cloves ….6_7

Onions medium sized 4
A tuft of fresh coriander leaves.

Roast the fish in a fire or with a little oil in a hot tava.
Remove it and do the same with garlic and chillies until slightly brown.
Wash and chop the coriander leaves finely.

The grinding stone is a thing of the past in cities but it still flourishes in small towns and villages. I have seen it being used in Kolkata too where maids will fine grind garam masala, cumin seeds, ginger finely and separately and keep them in small little utensils for the lady of the house to use while cooking, as part of her routine activities, every day.
The taste this freshly grounded spices impart to the dish is unparalleled.

So those who have no grinding stone, use the smallest jar in your mixer grinder to turn the fish, garlic, coriander and chillies and salt to taste combo into a coarse paste. Add freshly cut onion in thick pieces to it before churning it. Do the churning in ‘Pulse’mode.
Remember we do not want a syrupy concoction.
After it is done, remove it in a utensil and add two teaspoon of mustard oil. Kacchi Ghani mustard oil is better. Top it with a few fresh leaves of coriander and serve it hot with steaming Rice and fresh onion roundrels.
Well, is your mouth watering? Well, we are on the same page.😋☺😁

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