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The fragrance slowly wafted, reassuring and calming me. I moved my chair nearer to it. The dainty flowers were a light purple. They were placed among fresh green leaves. Surrounding it were tall Rajnigandha stems with bunches of white flowers. They had bloomed the earlier evening , but, they still looked dewy fresh. I felt a silent connect with them.

Pure Connect

Something emanated from them for I seemed to have become a part of their bliss.
I turned calmer and quieter. I stared at my friend absent minded; when she called me to leave the site. How could I leave this enchanting world? I seemed to be in a trance.

Flowers Galore

Large bouquets of flowers were placed every two feet away. Flowers of every colour one could imagine were there. Light purple to orange, light green to pink and violet to crimson… Placed in between green ornamental foliage, they were breath takingly beautiful. They even hung from the ceiling forming a canopy.

AIOS Conference

Even the conference name was written with flowers.
I reluctantly left the exquisite beautiful surroundings to enter one of the lecture halls. A part of me remained in the dining hall of the All India Ophthalmic Society Annual Conference centre in Gurugram. The connect was making its presence felt!


Have you ever felt a distinct connect with plants and flowers? Did you ever feel that they were talking to you as you nurtured them? Probably you dismissed it as a figment of your imagination.

Silent Connect

Intuitive Connect

It was not imagination. Science has proved it. Various studies indicate that plants can communicate with us. They have emotions; which are not far removed from that of human beings. Do they have other emotions and other ways of communication distinct from that of humans? Present day instruments fall short of evaluating them fully. Where physical instruments fail, intuition comes in. Some of us are intuitively perceptive. We can perceive things which probably Science will conclude after a long time.

Perceive Connect

We as a race, place too much emphasis on the physical. Our ancient sages did just the opposite. Look at what they could achieve and perceive thousands of years back. Till today, science continues to grapple with it.

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