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The Bright Side

Optimism runs in our blood. Faith reigns in our hearts. We believe that ALL IS WELL.
God is watching over us. Come on, we pray to him every day. Its his duty. Isn”t it? So we continue our merry ways. Stroll around the city in the free hours, talk over pan, betel nut, tea or burgers and declare with a laugh that we are not afraid.
We have donned the DAGGER of some flimsy colourful cotton masks for PROTECTION and move around like a MARATHA WARRIOR.
Oh! The pleasure of SPITTING. If atleast ten such sprays do not beautify the places we visit everyday, peace eludes us. We love to leave our mark in the fabric of our Country. Who knows whether we will live to do so tomorrow?

What is this CORONA? Why are the netizens going ballistic about it? It cannot happen to us. How can it happen to us?

And so we all continue as usual.Till the DARK TRUTH hits us with a BANG.

Health facilities infinitely better than us in affected countries are collapsing. Thousands of people are succumbing to the disease. It is striking with a vengeance hither to unknown. Humans have no immunity to this disease. The body has been caught completely unawares. It is fighting a losing battle in many. Earlier we callously watched other countries getting affected. Now that it has spread its tentacles in many states and is raging, we have all sat up.
Now there is panic everywhere.
They say that God helps those who help themselves. LETS HELP OTHERS AS WELL AS OURSELVES.


  1. Follow the age old principles of hygiene and cleanliness.
  2. Maintain cleanliness everywhere.
  3. Wash our hands repeatedly and practice social distancing.
    4 Not touch our faces and surfaces.
  4. Stretch our feet, relax at home and bond with the kids.
  5. Take care of those who are dependent on us. Its the lesser fortunate among us who make our life worth living.
  6. Not crowd the hospitals for minor illnesses.
  7. Rise to the occasion and show our true worth.

Afterall if others live and remain disease free, we will be able to survive too.

Like bubbles have we risen,
You, me and us all,
Then grew egos swollen,
Dividing us all.

The day the bubble burst,
It will someday for us all,
The truth will then be thurst,
Uniting forever us all.

Heres wishing everyone a safe existence in this time of crisis.

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