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Have you seen the broad shiny beans in tbe market, shining as new? It seems they have been just plucked off their mother creepers.

They grow abundantly in this season and house holds which grow them, have to distribute it to their neighbours.

Well tbe gift can be received with great pleasure if delicacies can be made out of it. Here’s presenting one of them.


Broad Beans with Mustard


Broad beans 500 gms

Medium sized tomatoes 2

Green chillies 5 to 6

Mustard oil 3tsp

Panchphoron 1tsp

Mustard seeds grinded into paste 3tsp


Cut half kg broad beans broadly( make 3 pieces of each)after washing them properly and letting them dry.

Beans with mustard

Grind mustard to a fine paste with 2 chillies. Ideally done in sheel _pata.
If not, then buy sunrise mustard powder and soak 3 tsp of it in water for half an hour.

Make a mixture of mustard seeds, nigella seeds, Fenugreek seeds, jeera and fennel seeds with a slightly more proportion of fennel as compared to others and keep in a jar. Radhuni in Bengali, is another ingredient which also added in it but not available easily. Panch phoron is the name of this mixtire
Many dishes can be made with this.

Heat 3 tsp mustard oil in a pan properly. Add 1 tsp panchphoron with 3 to 4 green chillies. Once you get a fine aroma, add broad beans, turmeric, salt and a pinch of sugar. Fry for 2 minutes in a high flame and then reduce and cover the vessel. Let the beans take up the aroma as they become soft slowly. Make a paste of 2 red medium sized tomatoes and add to after ten minutes. Let it simmer for another ten minutes. Niw add the mustard paste. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes and put off the flame.

It goes well with steaming rice.

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