Corona Times

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It is said that,
If you look into an Abyss for too long,
The Abyss looks unto you.
And I have added,
Look at the Sun,
And it will shine into you.

Corona has been raging on like  a wild fire, demolishing lives and livelihood for quite some time now. It has brought out the worst and the best in human beings. Some go out of their way to extend whatever help they can, while some others just look the other way. Blood is thinner than water. Parents have succumbed and kids have been left alone. Unrelated people have held their hands.

Still….life goes on.

The Sun rises in all its glory, the wispy clouds descend on the earth, birds fly across the blue sky chirping, and abundant flowers crown the tree tops, whispering that soon all will be well.
Yes, it will.

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