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She is 85 and is tall and strong. Her head hangs low. Her fair face is lined with sad wrinkles.
“They are not accepting her because she is blind. ” The attendant girl says with disdain.
” Who is not accepting her? Is she your grandmother?” I ask her.
” A distant one. The old age home is not ready to accept her.” She says, gazing at her phone.

Tall and impeccably dressed with matching shoes and lipstick, she is in the prime of her life.
” But why do you want to put her there?” I ask.
” There is no place in our house for her.” She says, meeting my gaze defiantly.
” You do something, operate, give medicines or whatever, make her good enough to leave.” She adds with a smirk.

Tears drop off the Lady’s eyes as she sifts on her chair.
” Ma ji..all will be well.” I whisper, touching her hand.

” Just get these investigations done. I see she has Diabetes. If the blood sugar is normal, I will operate on her cataract, this week itself. She will be able to see then.” I tell the girl.
“Blood tests again? Can you not do without them Doctor?” She asks.
” They are important and will be done in this hospital itself. Please take her to the Laboratory downstairs. Show me the reports tomorrow.” I tell her.

A year hence, that TOMORROW has never come. I have dropped in some and called the other old age homes in and around this city but she is nowhere to be found….

Hope ALL IS WELL for her and all my esteemed readers here.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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