I had almost dragged my kids into the cinema Hall to see this.
Why do you think we need to see this? It is not a children’s movie like FROZEN orAVENGERS.” My son said loudly.
“It is about our country’s history! We must know about it.” I said vehemently.
“Oh..just our country’s history! We are already reading it in our books. I do not want to study any more about it. I do not like History at all.” My daughter said in disgust.
“You read very little of our country’s courageous History in your books.” I said.


The world of Tanhaji Balusare captivated us completely. We were transported to the times of magnificent forts and dense forests, and royal elephants and horses.

There were towering rock mountains which were only beaten by the valour of humans. Next came in the perpetrators of deceit and treachery and traitors and their accomplices. The latter destroy the fabric of the country and bring untold suffering on innocent masses for generations to come.
This brought me back to the present. Man has made such strides in Science; that his lifestyle is such that Kings of yester-years would envy. He is even able to fly to the Moon. His moral fabric, has become increasingly tattered over a similar time period.

Have parents failed their children?


I do not know why the vociferous denunciation of the country, by its citizens in CAA protests, unsettled me deeply. Protests need not entail such derogatory comments and destruction of government property. It made me turn deep within. Why has LOYALTY become as rare as a DODO bird?


I hoped I would be able to inculcate such values in my children, that their deeds would never harm their own motherland. They should be proud of their country. Their existence should add and nurture the good in the world. It is my paramount duty as a mother.

Alas, the history that they read in their text-books falls woefully short of instilling pride in them. It does manage to inculcate a sense of worthlessness and self-pity.

Nowadays, all information is just a click away. Parents can fill in the void created by History books and instill a sense of pride for the country, in their children.

They need to remember and remind them, that we all, are guests in this world. For we are not invaders who have come to plunder and plough and to loot and kill. We all should do, whatever possible, to leave this country and the world a better place to live in.