Cladestine War

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Hectic preparations are on right from last one and a half month. The proverbial sword of Democles seemed to be hanging over our heads even when we slept.

It seemed to me the beginning of the third world war. A war for subjugating tbe rest of the world. Intention are the same but methods are cladestinely different. There is no gun fire and bombing. Nevertheless, thousands and thousands of people die and countries go bankrupt, leaving them at the mercy of the benevolent benefactor. The benefactor who is adept in changing colours like the chamelion. The benefactor who has no mercy for his own people and yet the world leaders in their illusionary existence rally around him.

Does it ring a bell for Indians? Does it remind us of the East India Company?
Do we need to revisit our History? It all started with buying their products. Do we need to remind ourselves of the untold sacrifices that our freedom fighters had to make? Will their sacrifices and the suffering of the masses go in vain?

I feel guilty holding this Chinese made mobile phone, as I type away comfortably. I need to mend my ways. My country products might not be at par with some of the others in the market, but I am not perfect too.

Long time back, I had read about sour oranges of Japan. They continued relishing their home grown oranges even when their markets were flooded with sweet foreign ones. Eventually the foreign ones were removed from their market.

We are the oldest civilization of this planet. We have flourished despite odds. We just need to rekindle and hold on to time tested traditional values and customs. Hold on to those times when all human beings were equal, irrespective of profession, colour or sex. Those were the times when both physical and mental strength was built through years of arduous tenor. Love for one another reigned supreme.

Fast forward it all to today. Times have changed. But, in the changing times too, the moral values and magnanimity of yester years can be carried and applied brilliantly. Japan and it’s people are shining example of that. Hiroshima and Nagasaki could not really break them. It only worked to raise their collective consciousness and made them emerge stronger and resilient. Decades later, they continue to hold on to the lessons learnt.

Lets revert to good old times again. This is the time to REBOOT ourselves.

Back to those times at last, when the divine in all was recognised and bowed down to by all.

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