I got down from the steps jumping lightly all along. Medium sized brass pots shone bright with palm trees of different varieties at regular intervals. I loved the ambience. I always feel at home when plants are around me, irrespective of whose home I am at that moment.
Sounds, rather cliched, isn’t it?

I was inside a convent then. It was the home of Sisters of an order. We had been invited there for breakfast. I loved their freshly baked; home made cakes. I have never been able to find such delicious cakes in the market.

Everyone went away; one after the other. I, my usual absent minded self, forgot the way I had entered. I probably had been admiring the plants and had followed them to the basement.

I was passing through a long dark corridor then. On either side, were rows of rooms. All their blue doors were securely locked. On the farthest end, was the exit door which had tall windows with stained glasses on either side. That area seemed a little bright, because of light filtering in from them.
I had crossed more than a couple of rooms, when I suddenly stopped in my tracks. My hands covered my open mouth in awe.

There was a huge light coming out from one of the rooms.A light so strange and bright, that it pierced the door and the walls and bathed the corridor in front of me from the roof to the floor. Infact, nothing of these could be seen for the light seemed to have dissolved them all. I remained mesmerized for how long; I cannot tell. Waves and waves of light flowed out dissolving me in it. It was pure bliss.

It was when the light receded that I came back into consciousness. I went to the exit door and then climbed out into the bright sunshine.
I was about to drive back home, when I was overcome with a desire to enter that room. What was there in it?

I, on reaching the convent, reqùested one of the lady helpers to take me there.
She looked at me with a shock on her face.
” We do not allow anyone there. Some of our sisters stay there.” She said tersely.
Anyone probably meant other than Christians here. But I had just moved out from there. She, probably did not know that.

“It’s alright. Call you please call one of the Sisters?””
I asked.
“No, they are all in the Chapel. You cannot meet them.”
“Are they downstairs in the basement?” I asked.
“I told you that, they are all in the Chapel, which is upstairs.” She said and moved away.

Very strange! 😟

Why did I think that the Chapel was downstairs in that room? I do not know why; but I could see a long cross with Jesus mounted on it, hanging on the wall there. I could see benches there. But it all seemed and felt very lonely…in my mind”s eye.

What wild imagination I had.😇😇 There was not even a Chapel there!😔

I need to reign in my mind. Probably, some old divine sister lived in one of those rooms. She exuded light in waves like this!😳😳😳
I waited for two hours and then went off home.

The next day, I asked one of the sisters.
” Do you all stay in the basement rooms?”
She looked surprised.
” Not all.” She said.
” Do I know all of the sisters here? I mean, is there some very Senior Sister, who does not come to this hospital and stays in one of the basement rooms?” I asked.
Her eyes were getting stranger by my questions.
“No, you have seen them all.” She said and continued to gaze at me.
” Is there a prayer room in the basement?” I asked.
Her mouth fell open.

” There was one in there; a long time back. It is no longer used now. Rarely do we open that room again. Why do you ask? Have you ever entered our basement?” She asked, surprised.

I knew not what to say. I had understood that the basement was not to be trespassed. I had inadvertently done so. Just then, the attendant called in to say that my patients were waiting.
I got up immediately.

At the door, I turned again and said, “Jesus hangs from a large wooden cross on the wall there, his face towards the exit gate. He continues to bless us all. Yesterday, by mistake, I had entered that corridor on my way back from the convent.”
” Oh, its alright then. But the old Chapel door was locked, isn’t it?” She asked, perplexed.
I did not answer this one too.
Can we mere human beings keep the Son of God, Jesus, really locked?

That was my first celestial experience with Jesus. In the hills here, there are places, where he stands in the form of a statue, both his arms extended, calling out to all to seek refuge in him. I do not know, why tears well my eyes, when I see them. I have felt the same in some temples and Masjids too.

Probably my soul suddenly remembers it’s eternal home and craves to go back and dwell in absolute bliss forever.

Please note: Narrated as it happened. A very personal experience. This description has to be understood from the heart and not the head. Hence this is not open for contesting. If it appeals fine, if not, it is fine too.

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