I had felt very relieved on the last day of last year. It has nothing to do by it being the end of the year. The sword of Democles had been hanging over my neck from the last two months or so in the form of final examination of the children. First it was the school exams and then the Bhatkande hindustani classical music examinations. The practical examination ended at 1 p.m. Wow…what a huge relief.
I felt free like a bird. My daughter chirped on the way back home.
Our new year had truly begun.

A task achieved or a job well done instills some peace within. Satisfaction and contentment are perhaps the key to it. Setting new goals and achieving it makes the journey exciting. What if we did not have the new year to remind us of it? What if time was an illusion?

Nature does not celebrate the new year and still it goes on in circles. So do the rivers. They flow on irrespective of time and tide. When they don’t, they stagnate, harbour mosquitoes and stink. Our lives are similar too. It needs to flow continuously overcoming the rocks and pebbles, the ups and downs while nourishing the shores of the soul all along by the assimilated wisdom on the way.
Every day is a new beginning, irrespective of the date. Does the New Year remind us of that?

My daughter remained engrossed in a book in her Kindle, after reaching home. I eyed the shops selling crackers with some alarm. They were inclined to rob me of my precious sleep at night.
The night sky of Shillong remained illumunated with them beyond one a.m.
I woke up when the Sun rays broke in, this year. There was a lull everywhere. The road near my balcony seemed forlon. Even the birds had turned silent. It was only when I called them repeatedly with a tch.tch..tch..did they flew in to peck at the grains of rice I gave them. Do they too get dusturbed and suffer from lack of sleep like us🤔🤔
Can’t say for sure.

I saw the crows coming in later and elbowing the little sparrows out. As for the pigeons; they did not really care as long as they got their fill. I wondered at the human tendencies in all of them. The meek and the mild as well as the wild…all co_existing together more or less happily.
I hurried through the morning chores. Mung dal Khichadi and Brinjal fry for lunch along with fried papads would suffice.
The roads seemed deserted on the way to the hospital. The hospital seemed deserted too. My department was closed too.
What was wrong with the world?🤔🤔

The Casualty Department was buzzing with patients. I went to the Doctors there.
” Are the out patient departments closed today?” I asked one of them.
“Yes. So you have come to work today too?” One of them said and laughed.
“Give yourself a break, just one day at least.” Another said.
I made my way back thinking that I will give myself a break today, like all the others. So the new year is about taking a break, contemplating, rejuvenating and basically taking it easy. Till today, I had thought otherwise. New Year was about sitting up, shaking off your slumber, making new year resolutions and working earnestly towards them. But honestly, I cannot remember following the resolutions for more than a week..😇😇😔
Times have changed. We are more in touch with reality now. So flow with the times and make merry…

Wishing all here a very Happy New Year . May you all be able to stick to your new year resolutions unlike me.

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