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Sunny Day

The Sun shòne bright above.The clear blue sky of Goa had a few wisps of white floating in a line. Shimmery blue water touched the far horizon. The brown fine sand silently took in the foot prints. Waves crept in washing them away tirelessly. A few crabs gleefully waded in and out with the waves. 🦞🦞
A dog lazed on the sand watching all this.🐶 I am on a vacation in Goa.


My hair fluttered💃🏽 dangerously in the breeze. I have lost confidence in them🙆‍♂️ in the recent years. They are bent on deserting me… my head I mean. 👩🏻‍🦲😳

👷‍♀️I restrained them with a cap and rested my head on the back of a white chair.🪑🪑 The latter stood proudly at equal intervals.
Far away were a few colourful boats, lined up stately, waiting for the adventurous among us.🚣‍♀️
Paragliders hung above suspended from the sky.
A cool breeze almost lulled me to sleep. I got up suddenly.
I did not want to sleep when so much beauty was around.


My work schedule had been very hectic in the earlier month. So when a new travel
Agency https:// offered to work out the logistics of the visit at a reasonable cost, a great load fell off my shoulders.

I opted for a train journey from Mumbai. The owners at knew about my interests and inclinations well before hand. Unpleasant surprises rattle me no end.

The time is not the most opportune one for sure. Trees are shedding their greens and the earth is thirsty. The pantry car of the train did not disappoint us. Soups and fruit salad, biryani and samosas, dahi wadas and cold drinks did the rounds. We basked in the adulation.

We travelled to the hotel in local cabs. The hotel stood on sandy shores. Sand had already entered our sandals. We dusted them off and entered our rooms. The simple yet, tastefully decorated rooms were clean and spacious.

Balcony view

I ventured into the balcony with my cup of coffee.
The view left me spellbound. The Ocean spread out as far as I could see. Gentle waves crashed against the shore, one after the other. The blue waters sparkled with the Sun. If only this could continue forever…

A long sigh escaped off me. All play and no work makes John and me, not only dull but Paupers too!

My Mother, My Treasure

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