The Jackfruit Saga Ends

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The Saga Ends

It was nearing the end of the year. Winter had set in. The land around was turning dry. Leaves were wilting.The garden needed regular watering. I told Prem, my driver to do this. He soon got tired of it..
I would be leaving shortly for a month long training at my home town. I hoped he would water the garden regularly. But given his temperament and lazy nature, I nursed some doubts within…

A month passed off and another without me able to visit that house again.
I was trying to move away from that town. Numerous problems were playing havoc and I needed a respite. That meant I would have to hand over my beloved quarter and leave the place once and for all.
My heart felt heavy but it was inevitable. I had to make repeated visits to and fro to Shillong and ultimately my wishes were fulfilled. I had finally got a transfer.
I completed all the formalities and ultimately handed over the papers of my quarter to the Superintendent of the hospital. I had lost my most prized possession.

I consoled myself with what I had come with and what will I carry back with me sayings.
The packers and movers were scheduled to come the next day to pack and carry off the Spartan belongings I had.

It was early February. I would not get to see the Jackfruits this time. They appeared in late April. But it was all right. I had spent some of the best moments of my life there. I would be eternally grateful for that.😔😔.

I said goodbye to my colleagues and friends, thanked my staff and all and made my way back home. I wanted to have a last look at my quarter before I left.
I climbed my way up the stairs when I gasped in surprise. Three trees towered high up….loaded with loads and loads of little jackfruits. I could not believe my eyes. The season was still a good two months away. Not a single tree among the hundreds by the roadside had flowered and here were they, hanging in couples, waving joyously.
‘ For you…you wanted to see us….we are here for you.’
My eyes fell wet. I went to each of them, thanking them. My amazement knew no end. Even the other two who bore only a handfuland that too on the top, were loaded from near the ground.
‘Leave joyously. Your time in here is over.’
I heard within me. There was not much breeze then but somehow the fruits seemed to be moving and waving in the breeze.
I came back to the front yard on my way back down. The trees in here stood stoically straight and unwavering. I locked the gate and started descending the steps when I heard, ‘ Good she is leaving. Does not even water us. Leaves us to die.’
I came to a halt and turned back. So true they were. Their leaves had dried up. Prem had not kept his word. Some managed while others wilted.
‘May you get a proper resident this time around who stays here and takes care of you all. I can only bless you if that is of help.’
I said and turned back.
The North east states get rain fall almost round the year. I seldom remember my home state Maharashtra and think how tough life is for farmers there. The charred earth gapes open, the Sun blows fire and farmers toil hard in this land with their sweat and blood. Here the perennial rain does that. How blessed are the farmers here.
Even vegetables and fruits grow in the jungles and have to be just plucked and sold…

Yes, I had neglected the trees and blessings could never really take the place of food, isn’t it?

Unfortunately no one applied for that quarter after I left. I hoped someone did so and prayed regularly for it. Then nature intervened. It rained heavily through out the year. Trees became lively again. When I visited it after a year, grass as long as two feet had grown all over. It seemed like a dense forest.
‘ Do not go up. There are huge snakes in there. ‘😟😟
Somebody yelled at me as I was about to climb up.
‘Your trees miss you. No more fruits this year.’ The neighbouring friend yelled from her window.
I kept quiet.
They needed rest, to rejuvenate too..🙂🙂

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