Frozen Lightening


Maysynram Hills

The Innova snaked its way up the hills. The chowmein roads could be seen far below and up in the hills, highlighted by the dim lights of the vehicles in the smoky mist.Visibility was low and a sudden deep valley came into view when the mist thinned. It already seemed early hours of the night at 10 a.m. in the morning.
Way above in the hills, hung streaks of lightening seemingly frozen at regular intervals. Some were thin and some huge…🤔🤔🤔
We got down to have some tea.

Most shops were closed.
After some hectic searching, a small vibrant shop surfaced, hidden in
a corner behind a betel nut counter.
Sipping hot tea☕🍩🍪 flavoured with ginger and cookies, a shiver ran down my spine.It was chilling. 🎅🏻🎅🏻🤶🏻All my staff wore sweaters. I was the lone one without it.
If only I could buy one here…
How vain are your hopes…I heard within me…😔😔

We restarted our journey.As we continued upwards, the frozen lightening continued to intrigue me. The mist was denser and I hoped the vehicle would not ram against another in the frequent blind turns. I remembered my two kids back home. Of all the people in the world, they needed me the most. Life had become dearer to me after their appearence in the scene.

Suddenly the mist started becoming faint. Giant green hills sprang into view.🌲🌳🌳They were breathtaking.
I felt so small then.There are times when one realises one’s true worth. A speck in the universe. The ego seems to dissolve then. A speck of the universe and also one with it. One feels small and huge and joyous….all at the same time..

Milky froth gushing streams sprang out of the bosom of the hills. Some dropped down thousands of metres disappearing into the calm pristine waters of a river below. Others disappeared as suddenly as they had appeared, back into the hills. The frozen lightening mystery was thus solved. Seen through the translucent mist from the distance, they had appeared so…

This is Mawsynram in Meghalaya, the wettest place on the earth until….. MAN DECIDES OTHERWISE.


Many many eons ago, 
The queen of the sky,
Gathered her lovely moon,
And lifted her starry gown away.

Then the sky went so dark,
The men on earth trembled,
The lightening struck in arcs,
The king of the sky thundered.

When it struck so bright,
As if a thousand suns shone,
Men ran out to the outskirts,
To gaze at the wondrous sky.

Once again the sky lit up,
This time with a million stars,
As they all gazed in wonder,
The stars rained on them!

All got one star each,
In the center of their forehead,
As they closed their eyes in joy,
Each star hid silently.

This story though incredible,
Has loads of truth in it,
If you don’t think so,
Just close your eyes in silence

And behold
The shining star within!